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1350-3986 - The castle and the gardens of Villandry, Loire Valley, France. The beautiful castle and gardens at Villandry, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Indre et Loire, Centre, France, Europe These gardens are divided into different areas; an ornamental next to the castle (dedicated to the tender love, passionate love, the unfaithful love and tragic love); a water garden around the pond; and a garden of medicinal herbs; aromatic; and horticulture.
1116-49654 - Plastic bags full of dried frogs for sale at a medicine shop. The frogs are dried for use as aphrodisiacs in Chinese medicine, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
1116-47766 - Extreme close-up of a cured cannabis seed pod, branch and flower with visible trichomes and rays of enlightenment emminating from it, Marina, California, United States of America