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857-90549 - Kushti is a traditional form of South Asian wrestling popular in India, also known as Pehlwani. Wrestlers usually meet in an Akhara, a "wrestling ground" which is a place of practice, with facilities for boarding, lodging and training.They serve both as training schools and an arena for wrestlers to compete against each other. Akhara is not limited only to physical activities, but also involves religious practices, particularly the worship of the god Hanuman.
797-3695 - PERU Juliaca Passing through the town during Puno to Cusco Perurail train journey. Cuzco Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation Explore Recreation Leisure Sightseeing Tourist Attraction Tour Destination Juliaca Cuzco Peru Peruvian South Southern America Latin Busy Culture Cultural Traditional Tradition People Visitors Locals Railway Railways Track Lines Line Rails Several Many Numerous Journey Market Marketplace Stalls Customers Stallholders Ramshackle Untidy Messy Ethnic Native Indigenous Unusual Different Danger Dangerous Beside Health Safety Vivid Vibrant Homes Residence Houses Abode Dwellings Housing Apartments Accommodation Slums Telegraph Wires Community Town Township Neighbourhood Residents Inhabitants Buildings Dilapidated Shopping Shoppers Poor Poverty Needy Deprived Deprivation Impoverished Hardship Calendar American South America
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