Robert Harding

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1174-6836 - A group of people climbing on the Svolvaer Goat, 150-metre (490 ft), a jagged pinnacle high above the landscape of the Lofoten, Austvagoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
1113-95367 - Woman and man hiking near a mountain lake with view to Mischabel range with Allalinhorn, Alphubel, Taeschhorn, Dom and Lenzspitze, Pennine Alps, Valais, Switzerland
1113-83497 - Snow-covered winter forest near hut Vorderkaiserfeldenhuette and fog bank in the valley of Inn, Poelven and Pendling above fog, Zahmer Kaiser, Kaiser range, Kufstein, Tyrol, Austria
1113-73200 - Three mountaineerers descending from summit of Munt Pers with view to Piz Palue and glacier of Pers, Pontresina, St. Moritz, Bernina, Oberengadin, Grisons, Switzerland