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860-291496 - Midnight sun on the ice sheet. The brown sediment on the ice is created by the rapid melting of the ice. Landscape of the Greenland ice sheet near Kangerlussuaq. America, North America, Greenland, danish territory
1350-120 - This is Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) over Deadhorse Lake near Hussar in southern Alberta, taken just after midnight on July 10-11, 2020 during its evening appearance. The comet shines just above low noctilucent clouds. The slight wind ruffled the waters enough to prevent the clean reflection I was after.
1116-46913 - A backpacker observes the midnight sun peeking through the clouds from an unnamed fork of the Atigun River still partially covered in aufeis (sheet-like ice formations) in a remote valley of the Brooks Range, Alaska, United States of America
1116-39568 - A backpacker pauses for rest beside a puddle while crossing over an unnamed pass in the Brooks Range under the midnight sun at 12:14 a.m.; Alaska, United States of America
746-88093 - Midnight, atmospheric cloud over the eastern harbour. Torshavn (Thorshavn) the capital of the Faroe Islands on the island of Streymoy in the North Atlantic, Denmark, Northern Europe