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1113-107175 - Exterior view of the Volgograd Panorama Museum and the Gerhardt Mill (one of the few remaining buildings from the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II), Volgograd, Volgograd District, Russia, Europe
1202-250 - The dramatic mixed sand and rocks of the beach at Speke's Mill Mouth, on Devon's Atlantic coast, near Hartland Quay, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1202-248 - A waterfall cascades down a gorge cut into coastal cliffs, at Speke's Mill Mouth, near Hartland Quay, on Devon's Atlantic coast, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1116-45818 - Old Millstone From The Time Of Christ That Was Uncovered In Capernaum On The North Shore Of The Sea Of Galilee, This Grinding Wheel Which Could Work Even Today, Capernaum, Israel