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1350-6520 - Portrait of a young beautiful caucasian woman in her 20´s with blue eyes wearing a hat and photographing with an old vintage camera on a tripod outdoor in a garden. Lifestyle concept.
1350-6282 - A split shot of diver taken from Capodacqua lake, in Abruzzo (Italy). Half dome is in the water depicting the submerged ruins of the middle-age mills, the other half is above water surface, showing the ancient paint factory located on the shore of the lake and, further away, the scenery of the mountains of the Tirino Valley.
1350-6260 - A diver watches in awe a dense soup of tunicates aggregated by very special sea conditions. This picture was taken during a special event occurred on April 2019 in the Strait of Messina, when special conditions of weather, sea currents and moon phases brought close to surface a lot of pelagic subjects, including a few usually living very deep.
1350-6278 - A diver admires in awe a big aggregation of jack fishes in the waters of Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park, where marine biomass has increased exponentially since the marine park was established, Baja California Sur, Mexico