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1104-611 - Mundo Bizarro, Latino restaurant, lounge, cafe with a Cuban syle interior, Pietermaai, Willemstad, Curacao, West Indies, Lesser Antilles, former Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean, Central America
817-264245 - Lieutenant Payer drawing an Arctic Hare during the second German North Polar Expedition in 1869 Julius Johannes Ludovicus Ritter von Payer, 1841 to 1915 Austro-Hungarian arctic explorer and Arctic landscape artist From El Mundo en la Mano published 1875
83-12254 - West side of the 30m pyramidal monument marking the equator, first identified in this district by Charles Marie de la Condamine in 1736, La Mitad del Mundo, San Antonio, Pichincha Province, Ecuador, South America
763-358 - La Mitad del Mundo or Equator Monument, the line at latitude 0, that runs across Ecuador and from which the country gets its name, North of Quito, Highlands, Ecuador
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