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1113-94261 - Alley with figures of ancient gods and garden with baroque sculptures at the island of Venus, Nordkirchen moated castle, Muensterland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
817-244696 - D-Nottuln, Baumberge, Muensterland, Westfalen, Nordrhein-WestfalenW, Pfarrkirche Sankt Martinus, katholische Kirche, Kirchenfenster, D-Nottuln, Baumberge, Muensterland, Westphalia, North Rhine-WestphaliaW, parish church Saint Martinus, catholic ch
817-244634 - D-Muenster, Westfalen, Muensterland, Nordrhein-WestfalenW, D-Muenster-Nienberge, Haus Rueschhaus, Graeftenhof, Adelssitz, Herrenhaus, Wasserschloss, Wassergraben, Architekt Johann Conrad Schlaun, Wohnhaus der Dichterin Annette von Droste-Huelshoff, Ba
817-244621 - D-Luedinghausen, Stever, Muensterland, Nordrhein-WestfalenW, Burg Vischering, Wasserburg, Ritterburg, Mittelalter, Muensterlandmuseum, D-Luedinghausen, Stever, Muensterland, North Rhine-WestphaliaW, Vischering Castle, water castle, knights castle,
817-244698 - D-Muenster, Westfalen, Muensterland, Nordrhein-WestfalenW, Sankt Paulus-Dom, katholische Kirche, Innenansicht, Langhaus, Chor, D-Muenster, Westphalia, Muensterland, North Rhine-WestphaliaW, Saint Paul Cathedral, catholic church, interior view, nav
817-33429 - Germany, Luedinghausen, Stever, Dortmund Ems Canal, Muensterland, North Rhine-Westphalia, autumn, autumnal coloured trees, archway, pedestrian walk, footpath covered with autumn leaves
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