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801-3034 - Grand Staircase, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, Rhodes Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rhodes, Dodecanese Island Group, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
1350-2073 - New Ireland Malagan funerary statue in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art museum, New York, USA. New Ireland is part of the Bismarck Archipelago, situated north of New Guinea, and has an estimated population of 100,000. The Dutch first encountered the island in 1616, and today New Ireland is a province of Papua New Guinea. Nineteen different languages are spoken on the island, and it is divided by a chain of mountains into three distinct regions: northern, central, and southeastern. The art of New Ireland traditionally centered on mortuary ceremonies and feasts to honor the dead. In northern New Ireland, the name given to these elaborate ceremonies is malagan, which is also the term used for the carved and painted sculptures associated with the ceremonies.
1350-2074 - Yagim Mask at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA. Yagim Mask, 1920-25 Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Wood, paint. George Walkus (kwakwaka'wakw, ca 1875-1968). A furtive aggressive sea creature known as Yagim was part of the dramatic Tseyka performance cycle, which took place during the dark winter when life on the North West coast moves largely indoors
149-5134 - An interior courtyard surrounded by Moorish style wooden screens at the Casa de Diego Velazquez (Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano), Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Central America
149-5141 - An ornately decorated room in the Casa de Diego Velazquez which is also the Museo de Ambiente Historico Cubano,Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Central America
1167-1621 - Restored salmon cannery museum, dock and boats, Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, Summer, Chichagof Island, Inside Passage, Alaska, United States of America, North America
746-88226 - Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, the lighthouse at Sumburgh Head on the Shetland Islands in Scotland, it was buildt by Robert Stevenson in 1821. Europe, northern europe, great britain, scotland, Shetland Islands, June
746-88242 - Akureyri during winter. The town center and the Museum of Art buildt in the typical icelandic version of Bauhaus architecture. Akureyri is Icelands second largest city, second only the Reykjavik area. europe, northern europe, iceland, March
746-88229 - The church of Holar during winter. Holar is a famous archaeological site and is home to the Holar University Collage focusing on agriculture, horse breeding and tourism. europe, northern europe, iceland, March