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860-291341 - Dead acacia tree on the background of sand dunes and stripes of morning fog. A very rare natural phenomenon for these places. Stunning light, color and shape. Sossusvlei. Deadvlei. Namib-Naukluft National Park. Landscapes of Namibia. Africa.
746-90913 - Landscape with craters, Faial island and town Horta in the background. Pico Island, an island in the Azores (Ilhas dos Acores) in the Atlantic ocean. The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal. Europe, Portugal, Azores
746-91180 - The glacial lagoon Joekulsarlon in the Vatnajoekull NP during winter. In the background the highest mountains in Iceland vulcano Oraefajoekull with its peak Hvannadalshnukur. europe, northern europe, iceland, February
746-91294 - The road to Kyzyl Art mountain pass to Tajikistan. The Alaj valley with the Transalai mountains in the background. The Pamir Mountains, Asia, Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan