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860-292228 - View over frozen Adolfbukta and Billefjorden near Nordenskioeldbreen towards Pyramiden ghost town. Winter landscape on the island Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago. Arctic, Europe, Scandinavia, Norway, Svalbard
860-291502 - The summits of Brenta mountain range are reflected in Lago Nero. Brenta group in the Dolomites, part of UNESCO world heritage The Dolomites. Europe, Italy, Val Rendena
860-291496 - Midnight sun on the ice sheet. The brown sediment on the ice is created by the rapid melting of the ice. Landscape of the Greenland ice sheet near Kangerlussuaq. America, North America, Greenland, danish territory
860-291249 - Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near Myvatn, Iceland. Lava field Dimmuborgir during winter near lake Myvatn in the highlands of Iceland in deep snow. View towards south into the central highland wiht mount Sellandafjall . europe, northern europe, iceland, February