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832-392947 - Castle Rabeneck, former high medieval noble castle at the valley of the Wiesent, near Oberrailsfeld, district of Waischenfeld, Franconian Switzerland, nature park Park Franconian Switzerland-Veldenstein Forest, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
746-89812 - Battista, fisherman and owner of the company "Delfino", which produces oil and salted anchovies, tuna and the famous Anchovy sauce, makes a hole in the barrel to release the juice , This ‘noble’ liquid derives from GARUM and was used by the Ancient Romans as a dressing for all their food. The colatura di alici di Cetara, Amalfi Coast, Amalfi Coast, Campania, ItalyEurope
860-287539 - Dead fan mussel and diver, Mediterranean Sea. Massive mortality of Noble Pen Shell (Pinna nobilis) infected with the parasite Haplosporidium. Porticcio. Corsica. Mediterranean.
832-372217 - Young waitress in traditional garb, Saint Lucian, Luxury Hotel Anse Chastanet Resort, LCA, St. Lucia, Saint Lucia, Island Windward Islands, Lesser Antilles, Caribbean, Caribbean Sea