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857-94843 - The original lighthouse at Cape Spear in Newfoundland sits dark, with the new lighthouse nearby. The original lighthouse started operation in 1836, and in 1955 a new concrete light tower was built. The original lighthouse has been restored to the period of 1839. This was tricky to shoot because the green light of the active lighthouse would flash every 7 seconds and wash out the scene in intense green. I didn't like the harsh shadows from the light, myself and my tripod being one of them, so I took a bunch of 6 second exposures and used stacking to get pinpoint stars and low noise in the sky and foreground. Nikon D5, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 14mm and f/2.8. Six shots with the ISO between 12,800 and 25,600, as I was playing around with the camera to get a feel for its performance, stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for Mac.
817-449175 - Statues of two baroque musicians, palace gardens in front of the Electoral Palace, covering its ears with its hands, symbolic image for loud music and noise, Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe.
832-69887 - Autobahn A 40, motorway, Ruhrschnellweg with bus lanes, guided bus on the central reservation, noise barrier, Steele quarter, Essen, Ruhr Area, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
1113-67830 - Nanpu Bridge, Autobahnschleife vor dem Ueberqueren des Huangpu River, Kreisel, Auto, Verkehr, Stadtautobahn, motorway, circle, spirale, Betonspirale, Gaojia expressway to Pudong
979-1673 - Adult chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica) braying in a breeding colony in a snowstorm on Half Moon Island near Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands near the Antarctic Peninsula
979-1656 - Chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica) colony all braying together on Barrentos Island in the Aitcho Island Group in the South Shetland Islands near the Antarctic Peninsula