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1350-2237 - Moorea, French Polynesia, Society Islands, South Pacific. On a surface of about 280m² with vanilla plants grown on artificial guardians. This type of culture helps protect it from the assaults of the sun, birds and all kinds of pests
1350-673 - The Tachinidae are a large and variable family of true flies within the insect order Diptera, with more than 8,200 known species and many more to be discovered. Most are protelean parasitoids, or occasionally parasites, of arthropods.
1131-1585 - Cemetery cloister and rounded Templar Church, Castle and Convent of the Order of Christ (Convento do Cristo), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tomar, Santarem district, Portugal, Europe
1116-46427 - A School Of Hawaiian Dascyllus (Dascyllus Albisella), A Hawaiian Endemic Fish, Over A Bleached Antler Coral (Pocillopora Eydouxi) Off The Kona Coast, Kona, Island Of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States Of America