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832-404358 - Rural lifestyle, young blonde caucasian woman in denim jacket and orange dress, in a beautiful lavender field with her purple flower in Olite. Navarra, Spain. Walking with flowers
832-404357 - Rural lifestyle, Caucasian young blonde woman in white dress and sunglasses in a lavender field with her purple flower in Olite. Navarra, Spain. Picking flowers in the hat
832-404231 - Mount Aizkorri 1523 meters, the highest in Guipuzcoa. Basque Country. Ascent through San Adrian and return through the Oltza fields. A young woman scratching some goats, vertical photo
832-403009 - A metal sculpture by artist Carlos de Oliveira Correia looks out over the Atlantic Ocean from the viewing platform on Olhos des Augua beach shortly after sunrise., Algarve, Olhos des Agua, Faro, Portugal, Europe
832-403010 - The sun rises behind the beach of Falesia, in the district of Faro, near the town of Albufeira. (Aerial photo taken with a drone), Algarve, Falesia, Faro, Portugal, Europe
832-402983 - Bibliotheque Mazarine in Paris. Architectural facade details of the historical building which includes the Academy of Fine Arts and Institute of France. Old library outdoors view from Ponts des Arts
832-402453 - Holy Metropolitan Church and Greek Orthodox cathedral of presentation of the Virgin Mary in Chania, Crete, Greece in morning. Bright sunlight, blue sky. Frontal shot of facade, traditional christian architecture. Doors open for morning holy service