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1116-39133 - Llama Foetuses For Sale At The Mercado De Las Brujas (Witches' Market) On Calle Linares In La Paz. These Are Used In Ancient Inca Rites To Bring Good Luck Or The Good Will Of The Goddess Pachamama (Mother Earth)., La Paz Department, Bolivia
1116-39131 - Yatiri (Aymara Healer) Performing An Ancient Sacrificial Burning Rite To Bring The Good Will Of The Goddess Pachamama (Mother Earth), Isla Del Sol In Titicaca Lake, La Paz Department, Bolivia
817-429411 - Pachamama by Marta Colvin, one of many famous sculptures in Museo Parque de las Esculturas, Providencia, in Chile's capital, Santiago Also called, Madre Tierra, Mother Earth, used as a symbol of sustainable Nature by some Green Environmental groups
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