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832-384111 - Top view of National Library of St Mark's or Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, the Campanile bell tower and Doge's Palace at St Mark's Square filled with tourists, San Marco district, Venice, Veneto, Italy, Europe
746-88589 - Aerial view of Milan from the covered glass terrace of the 39th floor, Palazzo Lombardia palace, Headquarters of the Regional Council of Lombardy, Milan, Lombardy, Italy, Europe
746-88588 - Lobby mosaic, Cavalcade of the Amazons, made in 1933 by Leonor Fini and Achille Funi, Palazzo della Triennale, design and architecture museum, Parco Sempione park, Milan, Lombardy, Italy, Europe
1278-226 - Night view of illuminated Palazzo Ducale (Doges Palace) facade with columns at St. Marks Square, seen from Dorsoduro, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe