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1267-320 - Fontana del Pantheon at dusk, commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, with the Pantheon, UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the Piazza della Rotonda, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
817-459154 - The Pantheon is an ancient building in Rome and since 609 ad, a Catholic Church. It is located on the Piazza della Rotonda. The fountain was created by the sculptor Giacomo della Porta in 1575, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe.
832-364783 - Golden Chedi in front of the pantheon, carried by twenty monkeys and demons, Wat Phra Kaeo Grand Palace (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia
832-81540 - Interior with the Foucault Pendulum as empirical evidence of the Earth's rotation, Pantheon, a mausoleum for French National heroes, Montagne Sainte-Genevieve, Hill of St. Genevieve, Paris, France, Europe