Robert Harding

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1263-203 - A Pie & Chips food van at the Albert Dock site on the River Mersey waterfront during the evening twilight (blue hour), Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom, Europe.
1116-47648 - A camper truck is seen parked in the immensity of a high altitude valley in the Andes. The mountains in the distance are ocre-coloured from the late day light, Mendoza, Argentina
1116-46871 - Young couple standing at the back of their packed vehicle with back door open and the young man in using his cell phone while the young woman waits impatiently, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-46085 - A Truck Parked On The Savannah With It's Headlights On Is Shown In Silhouette On The Horizon At Sunrise, Blue And Orange Sky With A Few Thin Clouds In The Background, Narok, Kenya