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817-442791 - A complex patchwork of fallen leaves and decaying branches is composed into a study of color, texture and form in this view of a forest floor within Minnesota's North Woods.
975-95 - Like a patchwork quilt covering many of the steep hills of Kigali, this housing in some of the poorer areas of Kigali house a high proportion of the population and are commonplace throughout the Capitol City. Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa
975-88 - Known as the land of 1000 hills, Rwanda's countryside is reminiscent of a patchwork quilt of small manageable fields growing a variety of crops and agricultural terraces to utilise the land space available. Gitarama, Rwanda, East Africa
975-114 - A fire is smoking in the glow of the low sunlight. The small manageable fields are like a patchwork quilt with the colours of the different crops laid out over "the land of 1000 hills". Gikongoro, Rwanda, East Africa