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1161-911 - Man bowing to Mecca to pray while holding the reins of his camels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The old traditional camels contrast with the new modern building construction and cranes.
857-48937 - Hamar women are known for practice of body adornment and roll their locks with fat and red ochre (assile) and than twist them into crimson-colored dreads called Goscha, a style that men find attractive. Dimeka, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2010
857-3869 - During a camping trip, Komangapik Muckpa hunts for seal in Arctic Bay. Camping is a favorite late spring activity. As soon as school is over in May, everyone heads out of town with their families to camp.
911-2519 - An Inuit woman playing on a computer on Shishmaref, a tiny island inhabited by around 600 Inuits, between Alaska and Siberia in the Chukchi Sea, United States of America, North America