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832-404753 - Emmanuel Xanthos, folk hero, bronze statue of a man with a beard next to a Greek flag against a clear blue sky, Chora, Old Town, Patmos, Dodecanese, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
1113-107863 - Piazza del Duomo with the cathedral and the triumphal arch of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan Cathedral, Metropolitan City of Milan, Metropolitan Region, Lombardy, Italy, Europe
802-35 - A rock climber tackles a very difficult route on the steep walls of Gordale Scar, a famous limestone ravine near Malham Cove, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
802-23 - A hiker looks across the still waters of Llyn Du'r Arddu, one of Wales's highest lakes, which lies under cliffs below the Snowdon railway and the summit of Snowdon, Snowdonia, Wales, United Kingdom, Europe
1243-563 - A view of Conceicao Beach in Cascais, Portugal, on a sunny summer day. The beach is crowded with people enjoying the warm weather, and there are several buildings in the background. The water is crystal clear and the sky is blue.
1373-389 - View of Bern Minster, a Swiss Reformed cathedral, built in the Gothic style, the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, Old City, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bern, Switzerland, Europe
1373-385 - View of the central building of the Federal Palace of Switzerland, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the seat of the Swiss government, located in Bern, the federal city (Bundesstadt) and de facto capital of Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland, Europe
722-269 - Ponte de l'Accademia, a wooden bridge spanning the Grand Canal at the site of the Galleria de l'Accademia, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe
722-266 - View of the Piazza de San Marco (St. Mark's Square), facing the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark's Basilica) with the Procuratorie Vecchie stretching to the right and the Correr Museum on left, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe
722-265 - The Biblioteca Marciana (St. Mark's Library), beside the Campanile Tower in the Piazza San Marco (St. Marks Square), Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe
722-252 - A narrow crowded alley leading to the Baroque-style Basilica de Santa Maria Della Salute (St. Mary of Health), consecrated in 1681, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe
722-249 - The Fondamenta Del Squero, the Ponte dei Pugni with the Church of Santa Maria Dei Carmini in the background, Venice, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veneto, Italy, Europe