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1350-175 - Cygnus or the Northern Cross is setting amid the pine trees at Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, on a late October night. Cepheus is above and the bright star Vega is low and just above the trees. Deneb is at centre, as is the dark nebula Lynds 3, the Funnel Cloud Nebula. Light cloud adds the natural star glows but also discolours the sky near the horizon.
1350-52 - The summer Milky Way with the Summer Triangle stars through pine trees, shot from the Howse Pass Viewpoint at Saskatchewan River Crossing, Banff National Park, Alberta. Jupiter is the bright object at the bottom.
832-389486 - Young man looking over mountain landscape, mountain pines at the top of Baerenkopf, view of Achensee at sunset, on the left Seekarspitze and Seebergspitze, Karwendel, Tyrol, Austria, Europe