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817-218569 - Peru, the Sacred valley, the village of Pisac, guinea pig (cuy in Spanish) and potatos ready for roasting, cuy is an Andean dish that is considered an Inca delicacy
797-3700 - PERU Near Cusco Pisac Colourful patterned knitted woollen blanket Pisac Market. Colorful Cuzco Pisaq Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation Explore Recreation Leisure Sightseeing Tourist Attraction Tour Destination Pisac Cusco Cuzco Peru Peruvian South Southern America American Latin Vivid Vibrant Tradition Traditional Culture Cultural Ethnic Display Displayed Bright Selling Sell Craft Souvenir Shop Shopping Store Gift Present Stall Inca Incas Inka Inkas Market Marketplace Still Life Still-life Artistic Art Creative Warm Warmth Unusual Different Decoration Decorative Pattern Patterned Design Stripe Striped Stripes Fabric Knitted Knit Wool Woollen Blanket Lines Rows Colourful Colorful Colour Color Orange Parallel Abstract Concept Graphic Graphical Conceptual Intricate Picture Depiction Design Stunning Striking Calendar South America
763-819 - Pisac Sunday Market near Cuzco in Valley of the Incas one of the world's great markets village elders with traditional staffs, Cuzco area, Highlands, Peru
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