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832-398222 - Weg der Hoffnung, work of art, memorial, food for thought, an art project of the Point Alpha Foundation, The Weg der Hoffnung with its 14 stations ties in with the Christian Way of the Cross, Point Alpha, memorial, commemorative and meeting place on the road between Geisa (Thuringia) and Rasdorf (Hesse), Germany, Europe
832-368962 - Smallholder looking over the wooden gate to the neighbouring fields cultivated by a great land owner, soybean plantation, Gran Chaco, Santiago del Estero province, Argentina, South America
832-136871 - Der Wahrheitssucher or the truth-seeker, life-size bronze sculpture by Gisela Steimle in front of the Kornhaus building with library, Wangen, Allgaeu, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
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