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832-402554 - Backlight, HDR, sunbeams, aperture prism effect, Norman Cathedral, Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria Assunta, super wide angle, portal, Erice, Trapani province, mountain, Sicily, Italy, Europe
832-401704 - Two old english yew (Taxus baccata) frame an old wooden door at the north doorway of St Edward's Church, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
832-397297 - Lefkosa, Lefkosia, Nicosia, in the northern part of the capital of Cyprus, in the old town, portal of the Bedesten, bazaar building, in the Middle Ages it was the Byzantine church of St. Nicholas, 12th century, Northern Cyprus
746-91865 - The southern portal. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (Jeronimos Monastery, Hieronymites Monastery) in Belem, listed as UNESCO world heritage. Lisbon (Lisboa), the capital of Portugal Europe, Southern Europe, Portugal