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746-91721 - The fence with plaques of the victims of the revolution in 2010. The White House, governmental building and seat of the president. The capital Bishkek located in the foothills of Tien Shan. Asia, Central asia, Kyrgyzstan
797-12853 - Poland, Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, Ul Krakowskie Przedmiescie or The Royal Way, Radziwill Palace, Presidential Residence with a statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski and 2 guards in front.
321-5415 - Main dome and ornate ceiling in the interior of the former Presidential Palace, now the Museum of the Revolution, Havana Centro, Havana, Cuba, West Indies, Central America
832-121568 - Rubble in the slums of Fort National, the district was largely destroyed by the earthquake in January 2010, in the back the destroyed presidential palace, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Caribbean, Central America
1116-13652 - Changing of the guards by Carabineros on Plaza de la Constitucion in front of the Palacio de la Moneda Presidential Palace, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile