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911-10427 - A fire danger sign next to forest that has been burnt by a fire in the Tule river area of the Sequoia National Forest, east of Porterville, California, USA. California is in the grip of a four year long exceptional drought, that has made wild fires much more frequent, as well as wiping $2.2 Billion annually off the agricultural sector.
832-154703 - Fire extinguishers on wheels at Michigan International Speedway which features a two-mile race track and seats nearly 120, 000 fans for NASCAR races, Brooklyn, Michigan, USA, America
832-65066 - Firefighters wearing protective suits during the decontamination of an accident victim as part of a civil protection exercise on the A72 motorway near Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany, Europe
832-50435 - "Stopp dem Diebstahl, Geld und Wertsachen stets verschlossen tragen", German for "stop theft, always cover up your money and valuables", sign in a shop window, prevention, Weisser Ring, association to stop and prevent crime, police, Borken, Muensterland,
857-19767 - Bathers in mud at Las Maquinitas near Copahue, Argentina. Margarita Nievas, 56, blue and Susana Nievas, 48 are sisters. Both are from Neuquen and come here 2 or 3 times a year for one week just for prevention.