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1348-5410 - Former high-level sportsman Xavier Philippe has converted to goat farming and the manufacture and sale of fresh cheese, tomme cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, organic milk. With the support of his parents Xavier is at the head of a herd of 60 goats which he milks every morning. Located in Prouville in the Somme, it is the only manufacturer of organic products made from goat milk in the department. He ensures himself the marketing of his products on the markets, AMAP, cheese maker. Her 72-year-old mother works in cheese making and sales, her 80-year-old father maintains the buildings and takes care of the goats after milking. Xavier also welcomes schools, groups for demonstrations and tastings. Xavier is proud of his new job as a farmer. Yogurt and goat cheese on documentation explaining the principle and operation of an AMAP (Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture). To ensure the health safety of Amapiens and Amapiennes since Covid 19, distribution is done outside and wearing a mask is recommended.
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