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857-90928 - A climber rappels down Cerro Fitz Roy's south face, with distant peaks and lakes of Argentine Patagonia in the distance. Cerro Fitz Roy is one of the most massive peaks in the Southern Andes, and is a sought after summit by the world's top alpinists. It was named in honor of the captain of Darwin's ship, the Beagle, Captain Robert FitzRoy, who explored the region. The indigenous name for the peak is Chalten, which means "smoking mountain". , Argentina
857-90853 - A mountaineer rappels down Cerro Torre's south east ridge in the early morning, after an ascent of the peak in Argentine Patagonia. Cerro Torre is one of the most difficult and iconic peaks in the Southern Andes, and is a highly sought after summit by the worlds top alpinists, Argentina
857-63904 - Kevin Jorgeson climbing "Fantasia" at Lover's Leap, a popular granite climbing destination near Lake Tahoe in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. The cliff is known for its distinct horizontal quartz dikes which make interesting climbing. This route is considered a risky mental test piece because of its lack of good cracks for protection. It was first climbed in 1973 by Royal Robbins and Ken Wilson.
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