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857-86262 - A researcher holds a Barn Owl (Tyto alba) after it was captured from Vancouver International Airport. The bird will be relocated to an area 100km away from the airport in hopes that it will not return, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
857-32785 - Jennifer Carroll, oyster hatchery manager and researcher at Center of Marine Biotechnology, Baltimore MD.She is holding a diploid Asian oyster C. ariakensis in the "algae kitchen" in the biosecure laboratory. She is studying reproduction to determine whether to introduce into the bay.
1034-18 - orca/ killer whale (Orcinus orca) 'Luna' (L98), 5-year old lone male interacting with Ingrid Visser (photo by T. Hardie) in Nootka Sound, West Vancouver Island, Canada, North Pacific.
921-485 - 03/04/2009. São Jorge government sponsored research centre and Botanic Gardens. Locals carrying hay bails along main road. Praia, São Jorge botanical gardens. , Sao Tiago Island. Cape Verde