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832-387891 - Light beam of golden cloud atmosphere over Lake Te Anau, in the back mountain ranges of the Stuart Mountains and Franklin Mountains, in the front round stones, Fjordland National Park, Te Anau, Te Anau, Southland, New Zealand, Oceania
1116-48180 - A young mom spinning her daughter while playing on a merry go round with a rope climber in a playground at sunset during a warm autumn evening, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1116-44838 - An Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus Gazella) Pup Is Lying Behind A Round Rock On A Sandy Beach, Looking To The Left,with Black Fur And Is Covered With A Thin Layer Of Fresh Snow, Antarctica
860-286955 - A vehicle of the balloon ground crew tries to follow the flight direction of the hot-air balloon, crossing a sandy plain at the edge of the Namib Desert. The so-called 'Fairy Circles' are circular patches without any vegetation which according to recent s