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860-292047 - Monumental tomb at Cap Corse. Piccioni family mausoleum in Pino. This magnificent tomb contains the ashes of Valentine Eiffel, daughter of engineer Gustave Eiffel and wife of diplomat Camille Piccioni. Monumental tombs are part of traditional Corsican architecture and are often spectacular and ostentatious. They generally date from the 19th century.
860-292046 - Alignment of statue-menhirs at I Stantari. Cauria megalithic site, located in the commune of Sartene in southern Corsica. The site was occupied from the Early Neolithic to the end of the Bronze Age. Some ten statue-menhirs can be seen in two alignments, on which reliefs (swords, belts, loincloths, faces, arms and hands) can be distinguished.
860-291900 - Group of the Steller's sea eagles (Haliaeetus pelagicus) on the pier in the port are fighting each other over prey. Shiretoko National Park. Shiretoko Peninsula. Hokkaido. Japan