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1116-46224 - View Of The Susitna Flats Outside Anchorage On A Charter Airplane Tourist Flight In Summertime With A Duck Shack Sitting On The Flats Below, Alaska, United States Of America
1161-775 - Watched by a group of young children a woman washes dishes in a bucket of water at a humble home on the sidewalk in Bombay, India. A little girl has a gleeful expression despite the poverty of the situation.
832-141132 - Poor dwellings, stilt houses, mangrove area in the estuary of the Rio Anchicaya river in the Pacific, Bajamar slum, Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, South America
1113-67728 - demolition in old town, Lao Xi Men, redevelopment area, living amongst demolished houses, migrant worker, living in demolished houses and self built shacks, slum, Living amongst ruins, playing majong