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1116-46913 - A backpacker observes the midnight sun peeking through the clouds from an unnamed fork of the Atigun River still partially covered in aufeis (sheet-like ice formations) in a remote valley of the Brooks Range, Alaska, United States of America
911-10044 - Women constructing solar cookers at the Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India, demonstrate how hot the device is, by holding a sheet of newspaper which instantly sets on fire in the 300 degree Celcius heat. The Barefoot College is a worldwide charity, founded by Bunker Roy, its aims are, education, drinking water, electrification through solar power, skill development, health, women empowerment and the upliftment of rural people. The use of the cookers, vastly reduces the amount of fire wood women have to go out and collect from the forest.
832-141132 - Poor dwellings, stilt houses, mangrove area in the estuary of the Rio Anchicaya river in the Pacific, Bajamar slum, Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, South America
817-412072 - Gold Death Mask Known from Grave IV, Grave Circle A, Mycenae 16th Century BC The mask is made of a thin sheet of beaten gold 16th century BC Cat No 253 Athens Archaeological Museum
817-412073 - Gold Death Mask Known as the ¥mask of Agamemnon¥ from Grave V, Grave Circle A, Mycenae The mask is made of a thin sheet of beaten gold & shows a man with a beard 16th century BC Cat No 624 Athens Archaeological Museum