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1350-81 - The Moon in mid-total eclipse, on January 20, 2019, with it shining beside the Beehive star cluster, Messier 44, in Cancer. This was the unique sight at this eclipse as it can happen only during total lunar eclipses that occur in late January. There was one on January 31, 2018 but the next will not be until 2037.
832-390801 - Two (hikers) looking at Eibsee lake at sunrise, sun shining over Bavarian alpine foothills, right Zugspitze, Wetterstein mountains near Grainau, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
1116-44230 - Airplane Taking Off At Sunset With The Setting Sun Shining Through The Palm Trees On The North Shore Of Maui, Spreckelsville, Maui, Hawaii, United States Of America
1116-44078 - Full Moon Over Halemaumau Crater Within The Much Larger Summit Caldera Of Kilauea In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Steaming Vents In Foreground, Mauna Loa Mountain In Background, Island Of Hawaii, Hawaii, United States Of America