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832-398049 - Unrecognizable people holding ice cream in cone outdoors. Front view of person hands holding an ice cream cone. People showing a double ice cream cone. Cone ball ice cream concept
747-1998 - Housesteads Roman Fort, Vercovicium, AD 124, Granary showing provision for underfloor heating, Hadrians Wall, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Northumbria National Park, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom, Europe
1350-6282 - A split shot of diver taken from Capodacqua lake, in Abruzzo (Italy). Half dome is in the water depicting the submerged ruins of the middle-age mills, the other half is above water surface, showing the ancient paint factory located on the shore of the lake and, further away, the scenery of the mountains of the Tirino Valley.
1350-5394 - Catato L?pez, Bribri man, explaining different uses and properties of plants, trees and natural elements, A day with the Bribri, indigenous people in Lim?n Province of Costa Rica