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746-92232 - The Lazzaretto place where Santa Rita da Cascia assisted the sick, The frescoes of the place date back to the sixteenth century, Roccaporena, Cascia, Umbria, Italy, Europe
1116-8666 - A Monument Of Fray Junipero Serra With Juaneno, An Indian Boy, At The Front Of The 16Th Century Basilica Menor De San Francisco De Asis In Plaza De San Francisco; Havana, Cuba
817-205830 - St, Andrews Forane Church at Arthunkal near Cherthala, Kerala, India, St, Andrews Forane Church (1579 A.D)of Arthunkal is an important pilgrim centre of Roman Catholic Christians and one of the oldest Christian churches in Kerala, a small seaside v
817-112784 - Ninomaru Palace (1524-1626), Nijo-jo or Nijo castle, Example of the 'buke shoin-zukuri' of residential architecture and added to the Unesco's World Heritage List in 1994, Kyoto, Kinki (Kansai) Region, Japan