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832-371737 - Excursion boat passing a fishnet sluice for regulating the fish stock in a river, river delta in the nature preservation area between Caunos and Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Mugla Province, Turkey, Asia Minor
832-281298 - Depiction of historical steamships, shipping routes, ship lift Henrichenburg, Westphalian industry museum, Waltrop, channel, Dortmund Ems channel, museum, industry museum, route of the industry culture, NRW, Nordrhein Westphalia, Ruhr district, Germany
832-41763 - "Central Hidroelectrica 15 Septiembre", hydroelectric power plant on Rio Lempa, the plant operator was accused of having aggravated the flooding in the lower reaches of Rio Lempa because the sluices were opened very late, El Salvador, Central America, Lat