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1348-1436 - Measles virus (of large size) and SV40 virus (of small size), TEM. This electron micrograph reveals both a paramyxovirus measles virus, and virions of the polyomavirus, simian virus SV40 (smaller circles). The envelope of the measles virus has broken,
1348-1087 - The Do In is an automassage technique of chinese origin, then imported in Japan. This technique is based on the pressure of certains points (acupressure) aiming at correcting body disorders. Massage the point Bladder 7 (small hollow at 2 finger's breadth just aside the top of the skull). Aim : relieve sinusites.
1113-104782 - View from Gleitmannshorn over the small Zschand at dawn with rocks and blooming heather in the foreground, Kleiner Winterberg, National Park Saxon Switzerland, Saxony, Germany