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1359-696 - Statue of a soldier as part of statue of Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva at Plaza de la Constitucion in front of La Moneda palace, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile, South America
832-397143 - War memorial to the fallen of the 1st World War at the Place de la Liberte, medieval old town of Domfront, Domfront en Poiraie, department of Orne, Normandy region, France, Europe
746-90906 - Figure of an austrian soldier. Fort Tre Sassi at Passo di Valparola in the dolomites. Tre Sassi dates back to world war one and is now museum. Europe, Central Europe, Italy
1113-106913 - Uniformed performers known as the Fort Henry Guard lead British military life demonstrations and tours for visitors to Fort Henry Historic Site and Living History Museum, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, North America
1350-2688 - Verges, a small town in the Northeast of Catalonia (Spain), during Easter celebrates the Procession of Verges with skeletons dancing on the sound of a drum, Roman soldiers, known as the 'Manages', and a representation of the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Procession features the Dance of Death, a tradition from the Middle Age associated with epidemics and plagues and the only one remaining in Spain Ten skeletons dance to the beat of a drum to remember that no one is exempt of death. The backdrop of the medieval walls and towers of Verges is key to this macabre staging.