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832-399869 - Red tomatoes in bowl on wooden table, fitness, cooking, vegetarian, vegan, vitamins, cultivation, healthy, close up, several, kitchen towel, Bailikum, Italian cuisine, tomato soup, garlic
832-399315 - Female hands in yellow knitted sweater holding a bowl with pumpkin cream soup on dark stone background with spoon decorated with cut fresh pumpkin, top view. Autumn cozy dinner concept
832-399310 - Asian soup with rice noodles, chicken and vegetables in ceramic bowl served with spoon and chopsticks on rustic wooden background from above with space for text, Chinese or Thai cuisine
832-399299 - Homemade pumpkin cream soup served in white ceramic bowl on white table with spoon decorated with whole pumpkin, angle view, selective focus. Autumn cozy comfort food, background space for text
1350-6260 - A diver watches in awe a dense soup of tunicates aggregated by very special sea conditions. This picture was taken during a special event occurred on April 2019 in the Strait of Messina, when special conditions of weather, sea currents and moon phases brought close to surface a lot of pelagic subjects, including a few usually living very deep.