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832-395235 - Several hard sausages in display, butcher's shop, sausage (salsicha), Spanish tradition, sausage with suspension, sausage with suspension string, ingredients of muscle meat, bacon, salt and spices, sausage recipe
832-395236 - Typical paella pan on wooden table, Spanish rice dish, pan dish, paella pan, pan with Spanish national dish, prawns on paella, mussels in paella, national dish, region of Valencia, Spanish cuisine, Spanish recipes
832-395237 - Decorated table with blue and white placemats, napkins and hors d'oeuvres, tapas, beetroot salad, tuna, festively set table, table decoration, table decoration, Spain, Europe
832-390186 - Tractor spraying fungicide onto the rice fields (Oryza sativa), in July, aerial view, drone shot, Ebro Delta Nature Reserve, Tarragona province, Catalonia, Spain, Europe