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832-384157 - Island in a lake, Spirit Island in the glacier lake Maligne Lake, with excursion boat, back mountains Mount Paul, Monkhead and Mount Warren, Maligne Valley, Jasper National Park National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada, North America
1116-46436 - Spirit Bear (Ursus Americanus Kermodei) Walking Along The River's Edge With Reflection In The Water, Great Bear Rain Forest, Gribbell Island, British Columbia, Canada
1176-914 - Carvings of Apsaras (spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist culture) on the exterior of a temple at Angkor, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Indochina, Southeast Asia, Asia
746-88132 - Monastery Heiliger Geist (holy spirit) with medieval buidlings used then as home for elderly and poor and sick citizens. The Hanseatic City Stralsund. The old town is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Europe, Germany, West-Pomerania, June
1109-2457 - Nat and Spirit Statues at Win Sein Taw Ya 180m Reclining Buddha, the largest Buddha Image in the world, Mudon, Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar (Burma), Asia