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832-382527 - Woman from the Lahu people, hill tribe, ethnic minority, cooking on an open fire in a kitchen made of bamboo, Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand, Thailand, Asia
1116-39716 - The Hairy Squat Lobster (Lauria slagiani) is found alone, and in pairs, on the outside of barrel sponges belonging to the genus Xestospongia. They are tiny (one centimeter across) and difficult to find on the folds of the sponge, Philippines
1116-39729 - Both a Crinoid Commensal Shrimp (Periclimenes cornutus) and a Crinoid Squat Lobster (Allogalathea elegans) on a crinoid. These tiny crustaceans are commensal on crinoids or feather stars and take their color from the host, Philippines