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665-5502 - Paintings on nave and columns, St. Julian Basilica (St. Julien Basilica) dating from the 9th century, Romanesque architecture, Brioude, Haute Loire, France, Europe
1113-96615 - Picturesque view of St. Mary's Church and its reflection in the Lake Bled in autumn, in the background the castle of Bled soars in front of the Julian Alps, Gorenjska, Slovenia
817-429363 - Front view of the Cathedral of St Mary and St Julian of Cuenca The Cathedral of St Mary and St Julian of Cuenca is the main temple of the city and the headquarters of the diocese of Cuenca, in the archdiocese of Toledo, Spain
312-2667 - Chapel of Bet Danaghel built in memory of nuns martyred on orders of the Roman Emperior Julian, in the courtyard of Bet Maryam (St. Mary's), Lalibela, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ethiopia, Africa
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