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1350-31 - Taken from Morant's Curve on Bow Valley Parkway in Banff National Park near Lake Louise, Alberta. Lone dot of light on distant mountain must be from Lake Agnes Tea House on Little Beehive Peak above Lake Louise.
1350-154 - A blend of images to show the stars of the southern sky moving from east to west (left to right) over the peaks of the Continental Divide at Herbert Lake near Lake Louise, in Banff, Alberta. The main peak at left is Mount Temple.
1350-63 - Mark gazing at a target, M22, in the Milky Way with his TeleVue 127 refractor at the annual Rothney Observatory Milky Way Nights for July 25, 2019. Several satellite trails mark the sky. Jupiter (brightest at right) and Saturn (at left) flank the Milky Way.
1350-86 - The eroding formations of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, lit by the rising gibbous Moon, off camera at right, on April 21/22, 2019. This is looking north, with the stars of the northern sky pivoting around Polaris.
1350-137 - A horizon-to-zenith panorama of the winter consellations on a March evening as they set into the southwest. Orion is at bottom centre, with his Belt pointing down to Canis Major and up to Taurus. Gemini and Auriga are at top, in this case near the zenith overhead. The bright star clusters, M44, the Beehive, (at left) and M45, the Pleiades, (at right) flank the Milky Way. M45 is embedded in the Zodiacal Light. The star clusters M35 in Gemini and M41 in Canis Major are also visible as diffuse spots, as are several other star clusters. A couple of satellite trails are visible.
1350-159 - Circumpolar star trails over a grand old barn in southern Alberta, on a fine spring night, May 23, 2018. Illumination is from the waxing gibbous Moon to the south. This is looking north to Polaris at top right. A thunderstorm is on the northern horizon with a lightning bolt as a bonus.
321-4755 - Star trails captured using an exposure time of two hours to record the rotation of the earth on its Polar Axis, stars are rotating around the Pole Star (Polaris), the Sahara Desert near Merzouga, Morocco, North Africa, Africa