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1194-92 - CAMBODIA HIV+ couple making handicrafts. Toul Sambo village is a resettlement area outside of Phnom Penh. Set in rural tranquility surrounded by paddy fields, it is a peaceful place for its residents. A Caritas Cambodia project, it has two focus groups who live there. One group is largely HIV+ and used to reside in a Phnom Penh slum called Borey Kila, until they were evicted by the government who wanted to develop the land for offices and shopping malls. The other group consists of those made homeless when a river's bank subsided in their village, destroying their homes. At the home of Kea Nimal and Kem Sokhorn, both HIV+. They are very industrious working at home making paper bags and ornaments, some with recyclable materials. They can earn $12-$15 per 5-day working week, and live quite comfortably in their attractive home with TV, motor-cycle and other conveniences. They say they are much better off than in the crowded and unhealth slum of Borey Kila in Phnom Penh where they used to live. They get regular orders for the handicrafts they make. They stay healthy by taking ARVs, which are supplied free of charge by the Hope Organization. PHOTO by Sean Sprague
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