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832-371737 - Excursion boat passing a fishnet sluice for regulating the fish stock in a river, river delta in the nature preservation area between Caunos and Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Mugla Province, Turkey, Asia Minor
832-330433 - The bull of the Bull and Bear in front of the brightly lit Frankfurt Stock Exchange at night, illuminated by multicoloured spotlights for the Luminale, biannual lighting festival in Frankfurt, Germany
832-264325 - Wall Street, street sign in front of American flags, New York Stock Exchange, Financial District, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, New York, United States of America, USA
832-260821 - Promenade in front of the former maritime trade stock exchange, Sa Llotja, facade in the Catalonian Gothic style, now used for artistic and cultural exhibitions, historic city centre, Ciutat Antiga, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, Eu
832-260798 - Terrace with sun shades in front of the medieval entrance portal of Sa Llotja, former maritime trade stock exchange, used today for exhibitions of art and culture, facade in the Catalonian gothic style, historic city centre, Ciutat Antiga, Palma de Mallor
832-244821 - Aerial picture, Gelsenkirchen-Sued refuse dump, Himmelstreppe, stairs, Rheinelbe dump, International building exhibition Emscherpark 1999, by the artist Herman Prigann, Wattenscheid, Bochum, Ruhr area, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe