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1116-50360 - A young male lion (Panthera leo) pokes his head above a rocky ledge under a blue sky. He has a short mane and is staring straight at the camera. Klein's Camp, Serengeti National Park; Tanzania
1116-50417 - A leopard (Panthera pardus) sits in the forked trunk of a tree. It has a brown, spotted coat and is looking straight at the camera, Serengeti National Park; Tanzania
1116-44764 - The Beginning Of The Edgerton Highway Is A Long Straight Shot To Kenny Lake Before To Heading To Chitna And Onward To Mccarthy, Kenny Lake, Alaska, United States Of America
911-10898 - In mid January 2015, a three day period of excessive rain brought unprecedented floods to the small poor African country of Malawi. It displaced nearly quarter of a million people, devastated 64,000 hectares of land, and killed several hundred people. This shot shows a specialist truck that takes water straight from the river and purifies it to drinking standards, which is then used in the many flood refugee camps in the Shire valley.